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Combining Combos: Hook, Low, Cross, Reem, Souwer
Jan 22, 2022 · 01m 33s Free

In this video Duane show you how to combine combinations so that you can diversify your attacks with different targets and level changes

Jab, Cross For Beginners
Jan 15, 2022 · 02m 37s Free

This video covers to of the most important techniques for beginners the jab & the cross. This is video will share several details on proper mechanics on creating more leverage in your straight...

4 Body Kick Counters With Master Hung Tran
Jan 8, 2022 · 03m 28s Free

This video covers how to defend the rear body kick with the catch, scoop, check & timing.

Setting up the KO Going From Closed Stance to Open Stance
Dec 18, 2021 · 02m 55s Free

In this video we cover how to set up a knock out from open stance and timing them with the rear hook.

Cross, Hook, 2, Step Cross, Hook, 2 with Solid Strikes
Dec 11, 2021 · 03m 03s Free

This video is covering how to shift your stance while striking with the Cross, Hook, 2 Hands Step Cross, Hook, 2 Hands. This concept and drill will give you a 100 percent more opportunities to...

Jab, Cross, Hook Parry and Counter Drill in Open Stance
Nov 27, 2021 · 02m 04s Free

This video covers an option to defend punches with hand fighting as well as a way to counter the jab, the cross, or the lead hook from the open stance orientation.

Open Stance Flow Off of The 2 Body
Nov 6, 2021 · 02m 32s Free

In this video we look at the 2 Body from the open stance orientation an how to use it to create opportunity's to counter our opponents counter. We look at to options to counter, one is off their...

Low Kick Counter Using The Switch It
Oct 9, 2021 · 03m 11s Free

We look at how to counter the counter with the Switch Cross Hook (Switch It) off the low kick. Using the concept of monkey see monkey do.

Switch Series Flow Inspired by ONE Championship's Jonathan Haggerty
Sep 18, 2021 · 03m 31s Free

In this video Duane covers a way to set up the Switch Cross, Lead Uppercut off the lead switch body kick.

Setting Up an Attack to the Rear Inside Leg
Sep 11, 2021 · 02m 33s Free

Duane shares a way to set up the rear leg off the Lead Hook and the Rear Low Kick.

Low Kick Counters With Rear-Side Attacks
Sep 4, 2021 · 02m 27s Free

In this video we cover how to defend & counter the low kick with rear strikes like the Cross, Knee & The Rear High Round Kick

Parrying and Countering Straight Shots From Open Stance With Body Kicks
Aug 28, 2021 · 02m 41s Free

In this video we cover how to counter the jab & cross with parry body kick from the open stance scenario. Each counter on the jab or the cross has its own timing on the parry body kick.

Parrying and Countering Straight Shots With Low Kicks
Aug 21, 2021 · 03m 23s Free

In this video Duane share a way to counter straight shots with the low kick. Using the parry to redirect the punch and time the low kick coinciding with the parry. Also look at how he positions...

Parrying and Countering Straight Shots With Kicks Calf, Thigh, Body, and High
Aug 14, 2021 · 02m 58s Free

In this video I am going show a drill that will help you with your reactions that will help you to counter straight punches with kicks on targets like the calf, thigh, body, and the high round kick.

Jab Counter Drill
Aug 7, 2021 · 03m 18s Free

In this video I will show one of my favorite jab counters. Using the pull down parry, overhand to counter the jab. Using forward motion by pressing him to throw the jab so that you can counter with...

The 2 Body, Countering the 2 Body, and Countering the Counter
Jul 31, 2021 · 02m 29s Free

In this video I show you how to apply one of my favorite combinations the 2 body as well as how to counter the 2 body with countering the jab with the parry. The next step is to counter the...

Body Kick Counter With the Inside Low Kick
Jul 24, 2021 · 01m 41s Free

In this video I show you how to defend & counter the body kick and counter the body kick with the inside low kick, then use a take over to put them on their heals.

Alley-Cross Line Drill
Jul 17, 2021 · 02m 19s Free

In this video I show you how to attack different body targets while being able to use the footwork to move forward or to retreat in this line drill

Low Kick into the Fedor
Jul 10, 2021 · 01m 49s Free

In this video I show you how to use the low kick to set up your hands with an off beat attack.

MMA Flow: Cross, Single Leg into the Double Leg, Arm-Triangle for the Finish
Jul 3, 2021 · 03m 28s Free

In this video Coach Sam & I cover how to transition from Striking to Wrestling to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to make this MMA flow.