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Start off with 3 Hands (Jab, Cross, Hook) one-for-one. Once everyone is synched up we'll add the defense so the Jab will become a Jab Parry and then Cross and hook. Next we'll add-on an Alley Cross and Hook. Make sure you're changing levels on the Alley Cross so your partner's Cross goes over your shoulder. Next we'll defend and counter the Overhand by Parrying it with the rear hand and coming back with Hook and Cross. The final piece for the flow is to defend and counter the Lead Hook by Parrying it with the lead hand and coming back with Overhand, Liver, and Low Kick. Now add on the switch lead high kick while getting the angle. We also reviewed the Dutch Drill versions 1 & 2. Go ahead and apply the hand fighting an head movement with the Dutch Drills.

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